Friday, May 20, 2011


strangers on facebook are pretty common nowadays . have you ever thought how possibly quick you got to know some one on facebook and the next day you're already start to hang out with them ? well it's not reaallyy surprising . wouldn't it be awkward just by then a stranger comes and hit your wall and start posting saying ' hey ! how's it going ? ' or ' hey ! what are you doing ? ' . it's totally obvious that i won't reply -,- especially guys . but most of the girls , i usually hit with a reply .

it's pretty annoying when people just hides their identity by faking their names and profile photos . oh god damn it , be yourself ! no one's gonna ask you to pay a bill for being you . faking your hometown , faking your bio-data , blablablabla * etc . pfftt , one word for that ' PLASTICS '

well what ever it is , our life is full with strangers and the ones we know doesn't mean they're not strangers anymore . they are strangers from the inside ;) so still be careful with the one's you just knew .

* i just realized , my blog is a nice place to gain moral values . HAHAHA , such a llama xD

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