Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tumblr breakdown

i've been addicted to one site , TUMBLR . they got a lil' of facebook , a lil' of myspace , a lil' of twitter and a lil' of everything . it's a complete package for teenagers :) sharing photos , songs and videos . oh and you can even write blogs . i usually fill up my time re blogging photos . i just love their photography <3
:D on tumblr you can also gain followers *

but now , it's getting boring :/ i haven't been on tumblr for a few months . maybe it's not my thing anymore , i've lost a few followers and i don't know who the hell unfollowed me back . it's pretty pathetic to unfollow someone -.- but i don't really care . what can you do much on tumblr ? all you do is reblog . by clicking the same button every second wouldn't make your leisure any fun .

so i gave it up and thought maybe there are better things to spend my time on .

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