Friday, May 20, 2011

a whole week with grandma

what a pleasure to spend your whole week with your beloved grandmother :') she stayed here for a while just to take time to explore the city . but actually , we didn't really go anywhere . she isn't strong enough to take a looonngg trip . so she just stayed at home , get cooking in the kitchen with our maids and just watch me go to school every morning . i miss those old days when she took care of me with such grace :)

and i gotta admit , i was such a trouble maker :P but what could i say ? who doesn't make any troubles when they were a kid ? LOL . so grandma and I usually spend our leisure together . we always sit at our lawn and just have a nice cup of tea to go with those tarts and biscuits . she shares her old stories and i share mine . we exchange laughter and just having a ' one to one ' time . she sleeps in my bedroom , so we pretty much be there for each other . but unfortunately , my midyear examination is just around the corner . my eyes are always on the book , well not literally always . most of the time yeah , so i hardly have time to have a fine conversation with her . i feel pretty bad and guilty :'/ im sorry grandma , but i really have to focus on this one .

she understands though . she always accompany me till the eleventh hour , and wait for me till i go to bed . i reaaalllyy love her with my heart and soul * she's everything to me . i couldn't imagine how my life would be when she's not around . just remember , don't leave me without saying goodbye :'/

p/s : absence makes the heart grow fonder

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