Tuesday, May 3, 2011

justin bieber's concert

as you all know that on the 21st of april , justin bieber performed a live concert in malaysia . okay , sorry but i have to tell you that i will definitely get all excited about this :'D

omgomgomg , the concert was AMAZING . like superduperfreaking amazing . it was an experience that i will never forget , and to be remembered for my entire life . the best part of his concert was when a DJ played us a few songs and we all got up from our seats and started to put our hands up , and we were jumping and screaming and waiting for justin to come up on stage . there was when a countdown started and every second we waited worth a lot :')

everyone were enjoying themselves and cheered for him . it was such a great moment . well , to be honest . since then , i've become a BELIEBER . there's one song which i really adore ' that should be me ' . everytime i hear this song , justin's gorgeous smile pops into my head .

the concert lasted for 2 hours , even so it was a blast :D and uh uh ! i love when he sang all kinds of baby songs while we all wanted the ' baby baby baby , oohh ' song :P he was adorable :')

he danced perfectly , sang perfectly . and before i forget , he played the durms solo :O he was great at it ! he even played some of his childhoods videos , aawhh <3 soo cute :*
good charlotte was there aswell , even miss nina . they did some short performances with the dance crews .

i just wanna tell you , it was an awesome night :)


  1. oh really ? great , i guess we're in the same boat :D