Saturday, May 7, 2011

mother's day

happy mother's day to all of the mothers in the world , and especially to my mom :') she is an amazing mother , i wouldn't ever ask for another . she may be strict at times , but she knows and has the keen of what is right and wrong . she always there to give me support , to let me know what i should know . to give me advice when i'm in frustration , to lend me a hand when i fall . she never hesitate to give the best for her children , she never hesitate to lead the family to a happy life . she is such a hard worker , she will do anything to gain the needs for the family .

she has a gold heart , she likes to help others . she does things willingly and she never whines off the job that must be done . if i had a wish , i would wish for a happy lifetime for you . i love you mom , not just on this red-letter day . i love you every second and every time my heart beats . i want to thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world .

i even wrote you a poem :) it goes like this -

you are my star
you are my all
you are the catcher
the catcher of my fall

when i am depressed
you will be there
leading me to happiness
leave the excitement in the air

I love you mother
you are full with grace
your personality is soft as a feather
put my life in a higher pace

happy mother's day i wish to you
hope all of your prayers will come true
if you need me i'll be here
just call me cause i am near

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