Sunday, May 1, 2011

meet my buddy *

okay there's this guy who i reaaalllyy adore :'D he's pretty gay at times cause he keeps on thinking that he is ' awesome ' or should i say NOT REALLY :P

you should have seen us in class , pretty childish :D he'll startle me when i'm asleep , and i'll startle him . lol , revenge is sweet :'D he makes fun of me , and i'll make fun of him too . he'll do that annoying face , and i'll do the same .

we pretty much share the same interest and some of my bestfriends told me that we look like siblings -.- epic , but yeah . unfortunately he hates ghosts , just like moi :D but usually i'll scare his ass off before he gets the chance to scare me , lol .

there was this time when we were laughing so loud in class cause i lost a bet with him and he wouldn't stop cheating -.- always want to make things such a big deal . grr , i hate when that happens . BUT he is cool in every way :') * eventhough he likes to intimidates me as much as i like to intimidate him B')

he always gives me advice , suprisingly he cares :') he gives me support , he gets my jokes , he understands , he's everything that i could wish for as a friend .
always there through my ups and downs of life . best guy friend ever :'D i hope he won't be too proud when he reads this -.- haha , but he knows that i am proud of him , myself :)

*won't ever forget you :'D


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  2. hahaha , well it's not really a complaint . it's just him :)

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  4. oh well ;) i know him to the last bits :P

  5. like i said nabil - NOT REALLY :P

  6. btw,, put a picture and a link ><