Sunday, May 1, 2011

his voice

yesterday was like heaven . well not literally , cause you know that heaven is way better , lol * how obvious is that ? -.- movingg onn , yeah he called me . grr , he was so adorable :') we were on the phone for like the whole one hour . he is such a joker :P

it was breathtaking , huh :') i was pretty nervous when he called me for the very first time . i was at the living room watching the television and by the time he called , i ran to the back room and wondering to myself . should i pick it up ? should i , should i ? while my head still thinking , my finger quickly pressed the ' accept ' key , and i mumbled a ' hello ' .

a replied was heard , he was pretty cheerful . he said ' hello ? haii ! ' haha . after a few seconds , i got a lil' comfortable with him . those butterflies in my stomach went away , and we were laughing together and you don't know how much that means to me :') his laughter , aawhh <3

unfortunately , after an hour later i had to go . my mom kept on telling me to go to sleep while i was busy on the phone with him . and an hour wasn't enough ! :/ yeah but what could i do , i was forced to say goodbye and wished him goodnight :') it was still a great moment , we shared a lot eventhough it wasn't that long .

his voice kept on playing and wandering in my head all night , and a smile stayed on my face till the very morning :)

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