Thursday, April 28, 2011

unwanted rumors

rumorsrumorsrumorsrumors .
let me tell ya' how can you even stand with this piece of shit ? they just keep on coming right at ya' .
and then people just keep on seeking for the truth , and suddenly you just feel like committing a suicide or maybe just haunt for the one who's behind this .

the funny thing is , they spread so fast that it broke your own expectations over a small matter . try telling a stranger your secret , and within 5 minutes there's a dozen of freaks observing you like you're a new kid in school * oh by that , i mean a dork .

i will never ever get use to this kind of situation , i will just fly off the handle and couldn't keep my feet on the ground . so , if you know a rumor about me or anything that has to be with me , keep it to yourself :) i don't think that sharing it with me , will actually solve the problem . keep your mouth shut , sure that will do it ;)

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