Thursday, April 28, 2011

a day to remember .

seems like everything's going perfectly as i expected . got home from school , and like usually i will always check my phone if there's a text from him . and there was :') we always text with each other till we fall asleep . i would never become any more happier than just spending the whole day with him <3 we talked about each other's interest and surprisingly we share the same thing ! he cares , that's what made me feel very comfortable around him .

i though he was the perfect ' one ' to be my soul mate and to be the one that would lead me to a special place . there was a day when we told about our feelings . unfortunately , we couldn't be more than friends :'/ he still loves his ex-girlfriend . but that doesn't end our friendship . instead , we got even closer :D i'm happy for him , i'll be there for you whenever you need me :) i'll take over her place when she's not around . so that at least he has someone to talk to .

i never doubt that our friendship will last forever , cause i know that we will be there for each other :)

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