Friday, May 20, 2011


strangers on facebook are pretty common nowadays . have you ever thought how possibly quick you got to know some one on facebook and the next day you're already start to hang out with them ? well it's not reaallyy surprising . wouldn't it be awkward just by then a stranger comes and hit your wall and start posting saying ' hey ! how's it going ? ' or ' hey ! what are you doing ? ' . it's totally obvious that i won't reply -,- especially guys . but most of the girls , i usually hit with a reply .

it's pretty annoying when people just hides their identity by faking their names and profile photos . oh god damn it , be yourself ! no one's gonna ask you to pay a bill for being you . faking your hometown , faking your bio-data , blablablabla * etc . pfftt , one word for that ' PLASTICS '

well what ever it is , our life is full with strangers and the ones we know doesn't mean they're not strangers anymore . they are strangers from the inside ;) so still be careful with the one's you just knew .

* i just realized , my blog is a nice place to gain moral values . HAHAHA , such a llama xD


i hate it when you're in such situation when there's a guy who confesses his feelings towards you , and you're just at loss for words . i mean , what could you really say ?
' oh ' ? well that's not pretty much of a reply is it ?
' hahaha , omg really ? ' then he would probably think you're making fun of him
' aawwhh ' ? he might have a curious feeling if you have a crush on him too .

one word when you're facing this ' STUCK ' . it's pretty obvious that you are nervous , like duh ? especially the ones you like or adore for a very long time . but what about the ones that you less adore ? well yeah , dump him . ofcourse . but not always , IF that guy's pretty nice .

oh yeah , what about the ones that just playing with your feelings ? trying to make you fall for him for no reason wouldn't make your life any happier . it's pretty complicated , i mean a good looking guy for an imperfect personalities ? not gonna work .

find the perfect one , take time . you don't have to rush . cause what is meant to be , will be . you don't have to chase for a mountain , when it's not moving anywhere ? so like i said , if you're in this kind of situation . DON'T accept him just yet , take time to get to know him . and compare it with the other guys . which one's better , and which one's better get dumped . LOL .

a whole week with grandma

what a pleasure to spend your whole week with your beloved grandmother :') she stayed here for a while just to take time to explore the city . but actually , we didn't really go anywhere . she isn't strong enough to take a looonngg trip . so she just stayed at home , get cooking in the kitchen with our maids and just watch me go to school every morning . i miss those old days when she took care of me with such grace :)

and i gotta admit , i was such a trouble maker :P but what could i say ? who doesn't make any troubles when they were a kid ? LOL . so grandma and I usually spend our leisure together . we always sit at our lawn and just have a nice cup of tea to go with those tarts and biscuits . she shares her old stories and i share mine . we exchange laughter and just having a ' one to one ' time . she sleeps in my bedroom , so we pretty much be there for each other . but unfortunately , my midyear examination is just around the corner . my eyes are always on the book , well not literally always . most of the time yeah , so i hardly have time to have a fine conversation with her . i feel pretty bad and guilty :'/ im sorry grandma , but i really have to focus on this one .

she understands though . she always accompany me till the eleventh hour , and wait for me till i go to bed . i reaaalllyy love her with my heart and soul * she's everything to me . i couldn't imagine how my life would be when she's not around . just remember , don't leave me without saying goodbye :'/

p/s : absence makes the heart grow fonder

Friday, May 13, 2011

10 victims that i stalk

  1. the guy i really like
  2. the second guy i like , haha
  3. the third .. err no HAHA . my best friend
  4. my second best friend
  5. and my third , and my fourth and my fifth :D
  6. my best guy friend
  7. hot guys
  8. bitches :D
  9. nemesis -.-
  10. my brother

bella :)

bella is a short name for farah nabila . she worth the world to me , and i'm pretty sure that no one can ever replace her for being there with me 24 hours seven ! :D when i don't feel really well , she'll give me a hug . when i feel like crying , she'll lend me her shoulders . when i'm hyper , she'll laugh along with me :') never had a thought in mind that we're gonna split up and go to our own directions . cause what ever it takes , as long as we're together ... we'll do it :D

she's reaaaaaalllyyy talkative . all she does is talk talk and talk . but that's what make the whole situation a whole lot better :D it's pretty calm and serious when she's not around . she's easy going , she cares a lot about her friends and she's loud :P even so , i still love you * hihi .

she don't really care what people might thing about her , cause you know what ? she's just being herself :) she has a great personalities and a sense of humor . but there's one negative thing in her , she's get upset eassiillyy . so you better watch out for your words . her heart isn't strong enough for those harsh words .

p/s : we've been together for 2 years , 3 months and still counting :)

what hides behind the pretty face

i wish i could tell you what i really feel . i wish i could have the time to talk to you and let you know what have i been hiding for all along . but it seems that i don't have the courage and the guts to do so . still , i'm afraid that i'm gonna lose you , seeing you happy while i'm not is not the way i live . as im holding on to one wishes , that is living with you for the rest of my life . could i happen ? well , i can't answer it and neither can you . only the both of us can solve it out . it's hard to keep living on like this . living my life in hiding , and wait for you until it's time . whatever it is , i still am

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pranks *

just for you to know , pranking people is one of my priorities ;D LOL . i just pranked someone thrice ... in a row ! how cool does that sounds ? haha . it was nabil who got pranked :D yeah hope you're happy now nabil -.- cause i finally promoted you on my blog . pffffttt *

here's the list of my pranks * EVIL LAUGH :
  1. i called him and yelled ' nabill ! something's not zipped ' . i knew he was going to check his pants , and he actually did , HAHA . he looked at me and said ' it isss -.- ' then i burst into laughter and told him ' i meant your baaagg , not your pants ' xD
  2. i ate a candy and wrote my name on the wrapper . then i secretly placed the wrapper inside his glass's case . i thought he would found out when he gets home . but it turns out that it was earlier than i expected , haha . while i was waiting infront of the school gate for a couple of friends . he walked towards me and said this with a giggle , ' thank you for this wrapper , but i don't need it ' . HAHAHAAHA , and i whispered to myself ' craapp , epic faaill . oh well , i'll try again tomorrow ! :D ' .
  3. we were in the science lab , and it was almost time for the class to end . he said something pathetic which i didn't really get . so i just end up saying ' boooooooooooooo ' . he thought i was doing a kiss , his face suddenly changed and looked like ' heh ? O.O ' i know he had something else in mind . so i shouted ' i said BOOOOOO dush ' . then he was like ' OH , HAHAHA i thought .. never mind '
he is such a kid :P it's really easy to grab his attention with just a simple dumb thing . never tried to be a lil mature for awhile , haha . but anyway , you're never gonna get me like they way i did :D cause im waaayyy too awesome than you are , mr not so awesome :P

a friend can be a betrayer

i am simply hurt by the way my own best friend treats me . well i'm not really sure if she takes me as her best friend , since she just had her ' new bestfriend' and which i don't really care . she thinks she's a perfectionist , and ofc we all know that no one is perfect . she just points her finger at people and blame them for no reason . i can't even believe she blamed me for spreading the story about her and her new boyfriend . then she just started to think that i'm the cause for this to happen .

generally , it's her fault . she never really care about the surroundings when she's dating with her boyfriend . people will definitely recognize both of them easily . even though you're trying to hide your relationship by saying you're just friends with him , that's not gonna happen . that ain't gonna work . they don't believe in your words , they believe their eyes . what they see and what conclusion have they made . come on , think about it . try to fix what you've ruined .

to the other girls out there , don't ever betray your BEST FRIEND over a boy . that's the most stupidest thing that you'll ever regret of doing , even after 10 years you won't forgive yourself . your best friend worth more than what you can afford . boys are like scattered everywhere and it's too easy to be found .

Saturday, May 7, 2011

mother's day

happy mother's day to all of the mothers in the world , and especially to my mom :') she is an amazing mother , i wouldn't ever ask for another . she may be strict at times , but she knows and has the keen of what is right and wrong . she always there to give me support , to let me know what i should know . to give me advice when i'm in frustration , to lend me a hand when i fall . she never hesitate to give the best for her children , she never hesitate to lead the family to a happy life . she is such a hard worker , she will do anything to gain the needs for the family .

she has a gold heart , she likes to help others . she does things willingly and she never whines off the job that must be done . if i had a wish , i would wish for a happy lifetime for you . i love you mom , not just on this red-letter day . i love you every second and every time my heart beats . i want to thank you for bringing me into this beautiful world .

i even wrote you a poem :) it goes like this -

you are my star
you are my all
you are the catcher
the catcher of my fall

when i am depressed
you will be there
leading me to happiness
leave the excitement in the air

I love you mother
you are full with grace
your personality is soft as a feather
put my life in a higher pace

happy mother's day i wish to you
hope all of your prayers will come true
if you need me i'll be here
just call me cause i am near

aina amalia ..

okay i just read her blog just now , aaandd she freaking wrote about me ! :D and i can't freaking believe that she actually freaking wrote about me ! * okay emilia , enough for being so excited -.-
okay , she wrote like a paragraph . just to show how much i love her , i'll write two paragraphs :D

okay , we met last week . wait , did we ? lol , maybe last two weeks ? and we unfortunately got along like less than a day . it was pretty surprising cause i didn't expect her to be this friendly . she's like the best that i could ever ask for , as my best girl friend ;) we share a lot of the same ' likes ' and ' dislikes ' . oh by the way , eventhough she's a lil' shorter than me * HAHA :P she is full of fun , excitement and she gets hyper all the time :D

she's a positive person , always think for the better . andd she always try her best to succeed in something . she is caring , loquacious and very fun to talk to :D she's pretty and definitely adorable in her own ways :') oh yeah , and she loves tarts <3 hahaha . we like to call ourselves sisters cause nothing can tear us apart * hihi :) we're always there for each other , share our personal problems and we always help to sort outs the complicated things . she's just amazing , you don't know how AMAZING she is , cause she is super duper macaroni and cheese amazing , lol . i love youu aina :') hope we will last forever ...

Friday, May 6, 2011

jealous much ?

omg , i just humiliated myself today in class . i thought there's gonna be some extra class tomorrow . so i was a lil' excited and asked everyone whether they're going or not . it turned out that it has been canceled . that's what you get when you don't pay attention to the announcements -.- yeah , i hate listening to announcements , i mean oh my god . shut up already ! it's pretty annoying when they keep on repeating over and over again . ' we're not deaf you irritating and not so attractive voice ! ' that's what school about . hoping for you to give your freaking ' heart and soul ' to listen and pay attention in everything you do . * lol , sorry but actually our class just learnt about expressions , so i get overwhelmed by new thing :D

so the real thing that happened today was , i seemed to piss my friend off * lol :D i was on my way home from school . i turned back , and oohh ! that's my girl . i gave her a hug , and we didn't let go for a loooonngg time . unfortunately her boyfriend was there , and he was looking at us hugging . ofcourse i know what he was thinking . so i looked at him , gave that ' cold ' look and said , ' jealous ? ' . haha , it was pretty disturbing for him , aawhh * idc :P

yeaahh , obviously he was jealous . couldn't get to hug his own girlfriend , how sad * NOT :P till then i realized i'm such a BADASS :D grr , raawrr *

im sorry , but sometimes i have to give your world a lil' shake ;D and it's okay i hugged her for ya' :P

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

tumblr breakdown

i've been addicted to one site , TUMBLR . they got a lil' of facebook , a lil' of myspace , a lil' of twitter and a lil' of everything . it's a complete package for teenagers :) sharing photos , songs and videos . oh and you can even write blogs . i usually fill up my time re blogging photos . i just love their photography <3
:D on tumblr you can also gain followers *

but now , it's getting boring :/ i haven't been on tumblr for a few months . maybe it's not my thing anymore , i've lost a few followers and i don't know who the hell unfollowed me back . it's pretty pathetic to unfollow someone -.- but i don't really care . what can you do much on tumblr ? all you do is reblog . by clicking the same button every second wouldn't make your leisure any fun .

so i gave it up and thought maybe there are better things to spend my time on .

justin bieber's concert

as you all know that on the 21st of april , justin bieber performed a live concert in malaysia . okay , sorry but i have to tell you that i will definitely get all excited about this :'D

omgomgomg , the concert was AMAZING . like superduperfreaking amazing . it was an experience that i will never forget , and to be remembered for my entire life . the best part of his concert was when a DJ played us a few songs and we all got up from our seats and started to put our hands up , and we were jumping and screaming and waiting for justin to come up on stage . there was when a countdown started and every second we waited worth a lot :')

everyone were enjoying themselves and cheered for him . it was such a great moment . well , to be honest . since then , i've become a BELIEBER . there's one song which i really adore ' that should be me ' . everytime i hear this song , justin's gorgeous smile pops into my head .

the concert lasted for 2 hours , even so it was a blast :D and uh uh ! i love when he sang all kinds of baby songs while we all wanted the ' baby baby baby , oohh ' song :P he was adorable :')

he danced perfectly , sang perfectly . and before i forget , he played the durms solo :O he was great at it ! he even played some of his childhoods videos , aawhh <3 soo cute :*
good charlotte was there aswell , even miss nina . they did some short performances with the dance crews .

i just wanna tell you , it was an awesome night :)


lately , i've pretty much tend to become a bookworm . first cause - examination . the mid-year's test is about to rape my mind out of my head -.- and i only have three weeks left for me to prepare , before i let myself down . the upcoming holiday is in June , can't wait to breath easy after this terrible pressure .

well i just need some support , following my back and lend me a hand if i fall . it's pretty intense when you have your own daily problems to work out and your mind is just thinking about the test . it really feels like someone's smashes your brain just like a mashed potato .

speaking of mashed potato , i missed eating it with a black pepper mushroom sauce :') ohh crap , leaves my tummy grumbling , grr :D

okay , now all i have to do is sort out my time so that i wouldn't be rushing to do everything at once . at least i don't have to gasp for air , every time is take a step forward .
thankfully , i have a lot of amazing friends to help me out :D just like my parents and my other family members . they mean a gazillion red roses lying on the moist green grass , haha other meaning means a lot to me :P

i think i should stop typing , lol . my books are waiting for their momma' ;D T.I.L * typing in later :P

p/s : dear readers , wish me luck and hope for the best that i could get those freaking straight A's ;)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

meet my buddy *

okay there's this guy who i reaaalllyy adore :'D he's pretty gay at times cause he keeps on thinking that he is ' awesome ' or should i say NOT REALLY :P

you should have seen us in class , pretty childish :D he'll startle me when i'm asleep , and i'll startle him . lol , revenge is sweet :'D he makes fun of me , and i'll make fun of him too . he'll do that annoying face , and i'll do the same .

we pretty much share the same interest and some of my bestfriends told me that we look like siblings -.- epic , but yeah . unfortunately he hates ghosts , just like moi :D but usually i'll scare his ass off before he gets the chance to scare me , lol .

there was this time when we were laughing so loud in class cause i lost a bet with him and he wouldn't stop cheating -.- always want to make things such a big deal . grr , i hate when that happens . BUT he is cool in every way :') * eventhough he likes to intimidates me as much as i like to intimidate him B')

he always gives me advice , suprisingly he cares :') he gives me support , he gets my jokes , he understands , he's everything that i could wish for as a friend .
always there through my ups and downs of life . best guy friend ever :'D i hope he won't be too proud when he reads this -.- haha , but he knows that i am proud of him , myself :)

*won't ever forget you :'D


i was in the car , on my way back home from my hometown . as usual i was listening to the radio and theeenn . suddenly a song by ' colbie callait called realized ' was played on the radio . somehow , that song kinda got my thoughts to somewhere deeper , took a ' dive-in ' in my heart and searching for some feelings to get my mind onto it .

apparently i was thinking about him :/ * sigh . pretty hard to move on from your old feelings but im still trying , i guess ?

i almost let a tear running down my cheek , but i got it covered :') i looked out the window thinking to myself if he's worth a wait . a friend of him told me to wait for at least two months to get him over his ex-girlfriend . i didn't doubt as much as i am right now . last night he told me that he had moved on a lil' but still he will never forget about her . to be honest , i was okay by that . didn't really take it personally or anything .

im just gonna let my heart decides , and let my brain be the one who's agreeing with the decision . im gonna let the time be their route and im gonna let myself to be patient . i know that someday , the answers to all of my questions will be written . and i know that it is worth a wait than rushing down to a desperation .

his voice

yesterday was like heaven . well not literally , cause you know that heaven is way better , lol * how obvious is that ? -.- movingg onn , yeah he called me . grr , he was so adorable :') we were on the phone for like the whole one hour . he is such a joker :P

it was breathtaking , huh :') i was pretty nervous when he called me for the very first time . i was at the living room watching the television and by the time he called , i ran to the back room and wondering to myself . should i pick it up ? should i , should i ? while my head still thinking , my finger quickly pressed the ' accept ' key , and i mumbled a ' hello ' .

a replied was heard , he was pretty cheerful . he said ' hello ? haii ! ' haha . after a few seconds , i got a lil' comfortable with him . those butterflies in my stomach went away , and we were laughing together and you don't know how much that means to me :') his laughter , aawhh <3

unfortunately , after an hour later i had to go . my mom kept on telling me to go to sleep while i was busy on the phone with him . and an hour wasn't enough ! :/ yeah but what could i do , i was forced to say goodbye and wished him goodnight :') it was still a great moment , we shared a lot eventhough it wasn't that long .

his voice kept on playing and wandering in my head all night , and a smile stayed on my face till the very morning :)