Friday, May 13, 2011

bella :)

bella is a short name for farah nabila . she worth the world to me , and i'm pretty sure that no one can ever replace her for being there with me 24 hours seven ! :D when i don't feel really well , she'll give me a hug . when i feel like crying , she'll lend me her shoulders . when i'm hyper , she'll laugh along with me :') never had a thought in mind that we're gonna split up and go to our own directions . cause what ever it takes , as long as we're together ... we'll do it :D

she's reaaaaaalllyyy talkative . all she does is talk talk and talk . but that's what make the whole situation a whole lot better :D it's pretty calm and serious when she's not around . she's easy going , she cares a lot about her friends and she's loud :P even so , i still love you * hihi .

she don't really care what people might thing about her , cause you know what ? she's just being herself :) she has a great personalities and a sense of humor . but there's one negative thing in her , she's get upset eassiillyy . so you better watch out for your words . her heart isn't strong enough for those harsh words .

p/s : we've been together for 2 years , 3 months and still counting :)

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