Friday, May 6, 2011

jealous much ?

omg , i just humiliated myself today in class . i thought there's gonna be some extra class tomorrow . so i was a lil' excited and asked everyone whether they're going or not . it turned out that it has been canceled . that's what you get when you don't pay attention to the announcements -.- yeah , i hate listening to announcements , i mean oh my god . shut up already ! it's pretty annoying when they keep on repeating over and over again . ' we're not deaf you irritating and not so attractive voice ! ' that's what school about . hoping for you to give your freaking ' heart and soul ' to listen and pay attention in everything you do . * lol , sorry but actually our class just learnt about expressions , so i get overwhelmed by new thing :D

so the real thing that happened today was , i seemed to piss my friend off * lol :D i was on my way home from school . i turned back , and oohh ! that's my girl . i gave her a hug , and we didn't let go for a loooonngg time . unfortunately her boyfriend was there , and he was looking at us hugging . ofcourse i know what he was thinking . so i looked at him , gave that ' cold ' look and said , ' jealous ? ' . haha , it was pretty disturbing for him , aawhh * idc :P

yeaahh , obviously he was jealous . couldn't get to hug his own girlfriend , how sad * NOT :P till then i realized i'm such a BADASS :D grr , raawrr *

im sorry , but sometimes i have to give your world a lil' shake ;D and it's okay i hugged her for ya' :P


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  3. actually yes , haha . memang pun , cerite same :D

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