Friday, May 20, 2011


i hate it when you're in such situation when there's a guy who confesses his feelings towards you , and you're just at loss for words . i mean , what could you really say ?
' oh ' ? well that's not pretty much of a reply is it ?
' hahaha , omg really ? ' then he would probably think you're making fun of him
' aawwhh ' ? he might have a curious feeling if you have a crush on him too .

one word when you're facing this ' STUCK ' . it's pretty obvious that you are nervous , like duh ? especially the ones you like or adore for a very long time . but what about the ones that you less adore ? well yeah , dump him . ofcourse . but not always , IF that guy's pretty nice .

oh yeah , what about the ones that just playing with your feelings ? trying to make you fall for him for no reason wouldn't make your life any happier . it's pretty complicated , i mean a good looking guy for an imperfect personalities ? not gonna work .

find the perfect one , take time . you don't have to rush . cause what is meant to be , will be . you don't have to chase for a mountain , when it's not moving anywhere ? so like i said , if you're in this kind of situation . DON'T accept him just yet , take time to get to know him . and compare it with the other guys . which one's better , and which one's better get dumped . LOL .