Saturday, May 7, 2011

aina amalia ..

okay i just read her blog just now , aaandd she freaking wrote about me ! :D and i can't freaking believe that she actually freaking wrote about me ! * okay emilia , enough for being so excited -.-
okay , she wrote like a paragraph . just to show how much i love her , i'll write two paragraphs :D

okay , we met last week . wait , did we ? lol , maybe last two weeks ? and we unfortunately got along like less than a day . it was pretty surprising cause i didn't expect her to be this friendly . she's like the best that i could ever ask for , as my best girl friend ;) we share a lot of the same ' likes ' and ' dislikes ' . oh by the way , eventhough she's a lil' shorter than me * HAHA :P she is full of fun , excitement and she gets hyper all the time :D

she's a positive person , always think for the better . andd she always try her best to succeed in something . she is caring , loquacious and very fun to talk to :D she's pretty and definitely adorable in her own ways :') oh yeah , and she loves tarts <3 hahaha . we like to call ourselves sisters cause nothing can tear us apart * hihi :) we're always there for each other , share our personal problems and we always help to sort outs the complicated things . she's just amazing , you don't know how AMAZING she is , cause she is super duper macaroni and cheese amazing , lol . i love youu aina :') hope we will last forever ...

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