Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a friend can be a betrayer

i am simply hurt by the way my own best friend treats me . well i'm not really sure if she takes me as her best friend , since she just had her ' new bestfriend' and which i don't really care . she thinks she's a perfectionist , and ofc we all know that no one is perfect . she just points her finger at people and blame them for no reason . i can't even believe she blamed me for spreading the story about her and her new boyfriend . then she just started to think that i'm the cause for this to happen .

generally , it's her fault . she never really care about the surroundings when she's dating with her boyfriend . people will definitely recognize both of them easily . even though you're trying to hide your relationship by saying you're just friends with him , that's not gonna happen . that ain't gonna work . they don't believe in your words , they believe their eyes . what they see and what conclusion have they made . come on , think about it . try to fix what you've ruined .

to the other girls out there , don't ever betray your BEST FRIEND over a boy . that's the most stupidest thing that you'll ever regret of doing , even after 10 years you won't forgive yourself . your best friend worth more than what you can afford . boys are like scattered everywhere and it's too easy to be found .

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  1. "boys are like scattered everywhere and it's too easy to be found"