Tuesday, May 3, 2011


lately , i've pretty much tend to become a bookworm . first cause - examination . the mid-year's test is about to rape my mind out of my head -.- and i only have three weeks left for me to prepare , before i let myself down . the upcoming holiday is in June , can't wait to breath easy after this terrible pressure .

well i just need some support , following my back and lend me a hand if i fall . it's pretty intense when you have your own daily problems to work out and your mind is just thinking about the test . it really feels like someone's smashes your brain just like a mashed potato .

speaking of mashed potato , i missed eating it with a black pepper mushroom sauce :') ohh crap , leaves my tummy grumbling , grr :D

okay , now all i have to do is sort out my time so that i wouldn't be rushing to do everything at once . at least i don't have to gasp for air , every time is take a step forward .
thankfully , i have a lot of amazing friends to help me out :D just like my parents and my other family members . they mean a gazillion red roses lying on the moist green grass , haha other meaning means a lot to me :P

i think i should stop typing , lol . my books are waiting for their momma' ;D T.I.L * typing in later :P

p/s : dear readers , wish me luck and hope for the best that i could get those freaking straight A's ;)


  1. ko pandai x per .. :DD
    ko blaja sket un dpt mrkh like WOW !

  2. haha , still i have to study . or else tak achieve good results :/

  3. nk dpt straight A's? pkai ruler.. teehee ^^

  4. hahahaha , nabil buat lawak :D
    lol xD