Sunday, May 1, 2011


i was in the car , on my way back home from my hometown . as usual i was listening to the radio and theeenn . suddenly a song by ' colbie callait called realized ' was played on the radio . somehow , that song kinda got my thoughts to somewhere deeper , took a ' dive-in ' in my heart and searching for some feelings to get my mind onto it .

apparently i was thinking about him :/ * sigh . pretty hard to move on from your old feelings but im still trying , i guess ?

i almost let a tear running down my cheek , but i got it covered :') i looked out the window thinking to myself if he's worth a wait . a friend of him told me to wait for at least two months to get him over his ex-girlfriend . i didn't doubt as much as i am right now . last night he told me that he had moved on a lil' but still he will never forget about her . to be honest , i was okay by that . didn't really take it personally or anything .

im just gonna let my heart decides , and let my brain be the one who's agreeing with the decision . im gonna let the time be their route and im gonna let myself to be patient . i know that someday , the answers to all of my questions will be written . and i know that it is worth a wait than rushing down to a desperation .

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