Wednesday, May 11, 2011

pranks *

just for you to know , pranking people is one of my priorities ;D LOL . i just pranked someone thrice ... in a row ! how cool does that sounds ? haha . it was nabil who got pranked :D yeah hope you're happy now nabil -.- cause i finally promoted you on my blog . pffffttt *

here's the list of my pranks * EVIL LAUGH :
  1. i called him and yelled ' nabill ! something's not zipped ' . i knew he was going to check his pants , and he actually did , HAHA . he looked at me and said ' it isss -.- ' then i burst into laughter and told him ' i meant your baaagg , not your pants ' xD
  2. i ate a candy and wrote my name on the wrapper . then i secretly placed the wrapper inside his glass's case . i thought he would found out when he gets home . but it turns out that it was earlier than i expected , haha . while i was waiting infront of the school gate for a couple of friends . he walked towards me and said this with a giggle , ' thank you for this wrapper , but i don't need it ' . HAHAHAAHA , and i whispered to myself ' craapp , epic faaill . oh well , i'll try again tomorrow ! :D ' .
  3. we were in the science lab , and it was almost time for the class to end . he said something pathetic which i didn't really get . so i just end up saying ' boooooooooooooo ' . he thought i was doing a kiss , his face suddenly changed and looked like ' heh ? O.O ' i know he had something else in mind . so i shouted ' i said BOOOOOO dush ' . then he was like ' OH , HAHAHA i thought .. never mind '
he is such a kid :P it's really easy to grab his attention with just a simple dumb thing . never tried to be a lil mature for awhile , haha . but anyway , you're never gonna get me like they way i did :D cause im waaayyy too awesome than you are , mr not so awesome :P

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