Saturday, August 6, 2011

grandma lost her teeth

i headed back to my hometown yesterday, and darn i was excited . i hvaen't met my grandma for three weeks . an hour on the road didn't took so long . so there i was , at grandma's ! i saw her sitting alone in the yard , and i knew she was waiting for our arrival . i got off the car , and took out my stuff from the car booth and quickly ran to her . she was smiling and i realized all of her upper teeth is GONE ! oh god , you have nooo idea how adorable she was . she kept on covering her mouth when she talks lol xD

well she told me she's gonna get a brand new teeth before aidilftr , and i was like ' is it GOLD teeth ? ' :O hahaha . and ofc it's not gold teeth , just the normal ones .

she is just amazing :') best grandma everr

Friday, August 5, 2011

gimme a break

pleaaaasseee , let this be over quick ! can't stand the pressure anymore . there's another 12 days to trial , hope it wouldn't be that hard :/ i've been reaally exhausted for the last few days . my eyes just couldn't resist to take a nap . my head couldn't stop revising all the things that i've studied . never thought it would be this tiring . guess life just keeps on getting harder and harder , and for sure you cannot take it as granted . i just wish the world could take a break , that is all i'm asking for . i need a break from this hectic life that i'm having . let me catch my breath for a while and if god wills , i'll start again my pace where i stopped .

Thursday, August 4, 2011

where the hell did i go ?

wwoooaahh , i haven't updated my blog in a month ! i mean more than a month :O things got a lil' hectic . life is getting busier everyday . in additional , my PMR trial is just around the corner , taking a peak on me whether I've prepared myself or the other way around . all i could say right now is ' sigh ' . whatever it is , i have to keep on going with my plans . heading off to the trial , wish me luck my dearly readers :') hope i'll do well <3 xxx

Friday, June 10, 2011

a precious memory that stays in a picture

we all know that to let the memory last longer , we have to take a simple photo of that precious moment . by looking at it , we can think about the storyline and the things that happened . I've always found myself staring at a picture that will carve a smile on my face . and i know , that smile will last forever as long as he is still with me .

never thought i would be really emotional when thinking about the future . my parents had put a high hopes in me to get flying colours in my final PMR results and send me to a boarding school . i almost cried last night thinking about what is going to happen to ' us ' next . will we still be together ? or leave it hanging ? a single tear ran over my cheeks leaving the others in my eye sacs .

till then i know , my life wouldn't be the same . it will never be the same .

Holiday break down

my mid-year holiday is about to come to an end . it is not such a good ending . i gotta say my holiday is pretty boring . not to mention , i'm stuck at home with a couple of my most annoying , frustrating , and monstrous brothers . what can i say ? my parents are busy at work and non of them could manage their time for us three . They can't even take a break causes of too much work that needs to be done .

so my daily basis , for my dull school break is getting on facebook , texting with friends , learning how to play songs on guitar and i even did a lil' study . which is pretty in tensing because of the distractions going on .and i can't really cope with it well . i am very pissed off because my parents just won't let me go anywhere . what do they expect of me ? some pathetic failure that just need to sit at home and work on my undesirable plans ? but then i got a day to hang out with friends .

During the weekends , if it's not going out to the movies with my family , we usually pay my grandma a visit . and if it's neither those two , then we probably just stay at home -,-

this is totally not how my life would work . i almost get myself a severe headaches cause of the scrapbooks that needs to be finished and i have to get myself ready for PMR . another 18 weeks then ' KABOOMM ' i am doomed *sigh .

i have done a lil' resolutions and i hope i could follow those new rules that's about to conquer my whole life .

Friday, May 20, 2011


strangers on facebook are pretty common nowadays . have you ever thought how possibly quick you got to know some one on facebook and the next day you're already start to hang out with them ? well it's not reaallyy surprising . wouldn't it be awkward just by then a stranger comes and hit your wall and start posting saying ' hey ! how's it going ? ' or ' hey ! what are you doing ? ' . it's totally obvious that i won't reply -,- especially guys . but most of the girls , i usually hit with a reply .

it's pretty annoying when people just hides their identity by faking their names and profile photos . oh god damn it , be yourself ! no one's gonna ask you to pay a bill for being you . faking your hometown , faking your bio-data , blablablabla * etc . pfftt , one word for that ' PLASTICS '

well what ever it is , our life is full with strangers and the ones we know doesn't mean they're not strangers anymore . they are strangers from the inside ;) so still be careful with the one's you just knew .

* i just realized , my blog is a nice place to gain moral values . HAHAHA , such a llama xD


i hate it when you're in such situation when there's a guy who confesses his feelings towards you , and you're just at loss for words . i mean , what could you really say ?
' oh ' ? well that's not pretty much of a reply is it ?
' hahaha , omg really ? ' then he would probably think you're making fun of him
' aawwhh ' ? he might have a curious feeling if you have a crush on him too .

one word when you're facing this ' STUCK ' . it's pretty obvious that you are nervous , like duh ? especially the ones you like or adore for a very long time . but what about the ones that you less adore ? well yeah , dump him . ofcourse . but not always , IF that guy's pretty nice .

oh yeah , what about the ones that just playing with your feelings ? trying to make you fall for him for no reason wouldn't make your life any happier . it's pretty complicated , i mean a good looking guy for an imperfect personalities ? not gonna work .

find the perfect one , take time . you don't have to rush . cause what is meant to be , will be . you don't have to chase for a mountain , when it's not moving anywhere ? so like i said , if you're in this kind of situation . DON'T accept him just yet , take time to get to know him . and compare it with the other guys . which one's better , and which one's better get dumped . LOL .