Friday, June 10, 2011

Holiday break down

my mid-year holiday is about to come to an end . it is not such a good ending . i gotta say my holiday is pretty boring . not to mention , i'm stuck at home with a couple of my most annoying , frustrating , and monstrous brothers . what can i say ? my parents are busy at work and non of them could manage their time for us three . They can't even take a break causes of too much work that needs to be done .

so my daily basis , for my dull school break is getting on facebook , texting with friends , learning how to play songs on guitar and i even did a lil' study . which is pretty in tensing because of the distractions going on .and i can't really cope with it well . i am very pissed off because my parents just won't let me go anywhere . what do they expect of me ? some pathetic failure that just need to sit at home and work on my undesirable plans ? but then i got a day to hang out with friends .

During the weekends , if it's not going out to the movies with my family , we usually pay my grandma a visit . and if it's neither those two , then we probably just stay at home -,-

this is totally not how my life would work . i almost get myself a severe headaches cause of the scrapbooks that needs to be finished and i have to get myself ready for PMR . another 18 weeks then ' KABOOMM ' i am doomed *sigh .

i have done a lil' resolutions and i hope i could follow those new rules that's about to conquer my whole life .

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