Friday, June 10, 2011

a precious memory that stays in a picture

we all know that to let the memory last longer , we have to take a simple photo of that precious moment . by looking at it , we can think about the storyline and the things that happened . I've always found myself staring at a picture that will carve a smile on my face . and i know , that smile will last forever as long as he is still with me .

never thought i would be really emotional when thinking about the future . my parents had put a high hopes in me to get flying colours in my final PMR results and send me to a boarding school . i almost cried last night thinking about what is going to happen to ' us ' next . will we still be together ? or leave it hanging ? a single tear ran over my cheeks leaving the others in my eye sacs .

till then i know , my life wouldn't be the same . it will never be the same .

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