Saturday, August 6, 2011

grandma lost her teeth

i headed back to my hometown yesterday, and darn i was excited . i hvaen't met my grandma for three weeks . an hour on the road didn't took so long . so there i was , at grandma's ! i saw her sitting alone in the yard , and i knew she was waiting for our arrival . i got off the car , and took out my stuff from the car booth and quickly ran to her . she was smiling and i realized all of her upper teeth is GONE ! oh god , you have nooo idea how adorable she was . she kept on covering her mouth when she talks lol xD

well she told me she's gonna get a brand new teeth before aidilftr , and i was like ' is it GOLD teeth ? ' :O hahaha . and ofc it's not gold teeth , just the normal ones .

she is just amazing :') best grandma everr

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